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With over a decade of experience in the Chicago film industry, Andy is an expert in both virtual production and filmmaking technology. As a virtual production consultant, he works with studios, productions, and vendors to build workflows, educate crews, and push the state of the art.
Spurred by his fascination with cinema cameras and the technology behind them, Andy got his start working as a camera assistant and rental technician.

Andy headed up Chicago-based shop MadlyFX which offers 3D printing, CAD, electronic and mechanical design services to the film industry. He supervised projects like Lilly Wachowski’s Work In Progress, and has designed specialty props for shows like Us, The Right Stuff, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams and many more.

Armed with 15 years of game development experience, Andy moved into virtual production to combine his passion for film technology with his desire to make location shooting safer and easier. He has contributed developments like the Glassmark lens encoder and the Reality Field virtual production system, which are used by hundreds of studios worldwide. He’s worked with numerous camera, lens, tracking and media server companies to develop new standards and solve problems in the virtual production space.

Andy Jarosz
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