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Live Production

Image: Virtual Production by Twitch Interactive and XR Studios

The advantages of Virtual Production are not limited solely to the Post Production world of film and television. Live, multi-cam productions such as corporate events, esports, news & entertainment and more can vastly improve their overall look and feel, while also saving valuable time and money normally budgeted for set dec and physical props, by making the switch to Virtual Production. Gone are simple close up shots with over-the-shoulder graphics, or basic box looks for remote video sources; in is a whole new, limitless realm of possibilities by combining our state-of-the-art LED Control Solution with a robust, live Production Control Room (PCR).

But, live production is challenging (we know from experience). Our team LOVES overcoming challenges and finding creative solutions. Funky resolution? We support any frame rate and resolution you might want, from 1080/24 for artists and musicians to 4k/60 for esports, and everything in between. Tons of distribution channels? We can handle distribution to as many channels, streaming partners and clean feed recipients as you could possibly need. Your TD is in London, your Director is in LA and the rest of the crew is in Chicago? Distributed crews are no problem, as we have plenty of bandwidth to send low latency multiviewers and control interfaces anywhere in the world. A combination of cameras and PC inputs that normally causes major signal processing headaches? Our Executive Producer has been doing esports for a decade!

Live Production Switching

Real Time 3D Character Generation & Data Visualization

Clip/Media Playback

3 Robotic Cameras (more available upon request)

Instant Replay available upon request

***PCR Spec Sheets available upon request***

Live Virtual Production - Smash Virtual

Image: Virtual Production by North One Television

Live Virtual Production - Smash Virtual

Image: Virtual Production by Fox Broadcasting Company and XR Studios

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